Toutes les pages -One of the best mobile massage or day spa you can find. The very finely selected licenced massage therapists,

trained especially by LMT MA41103 Fabien Chanoz. The therapists will go directly to your homes , your hotel in or your appartment. 

This is a unique mobile spa experience because of the throughout training of the therapists and the skill they have to perform amazing bodywork!

We offer Swedish mobile massage, Californian, Essalen mobile, Deep tissue mobile massage, Myofascial, Ayurveda, Thai and Chinese mobile massage and day spa.

The therapists male or female go straight to your door! We also can receive to give you a powerful incall massage experience! 

We have selected the best massage therapists that could be found in for a breathtaking relaxation experience where you will feel extremely relaxed and have a strong feeling of well being.

Petrissages and effleurages are flowing all throughout your massage, gentle hands filled with the good intention to make you feel amazing move skillfull through your body and muscles!

Your massage will make you feel like going back to a time when you felt so good and happy. The stress accumulated for so long and so harmful to your body and spirit can be evaporated as the paris massage continues and the therapist's hands flow skilfully all over your aching muscles!

You will feel more relaxed all throught the week, the little daily worries will not affect you as much after you massage.

You have the benefits of having your blood flowing better, the good hormones are secreted more fully through the massage, you immune system is higher, many other benefits will be felt and unfelt goodies brought from your massage 

You can blank your mind during the mobile massage and enjoy the moment, forget the past and the futur worries knowing that 80 percent of all worries never come true, and enjoy the good emotions our masseur gives you.

We only can enjoy life as we enjoy the present moment and appreciate the sweet feelings flowing all over your body so sweelty during your massage!

Give us a call usually a few hours in advance is suficcient!


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